G-Octopus Team

Emilio Nicolini - Director France

With a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering from the Technical University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) in 1998, Emilio has considerable experience in Geotechnics ranging from the onshore construction industry to the super soft soils of deep sea oil fields with a strong focus on offshore oil & gas, and an advanced understanding of numerical modelling. Emilio is the technical director of G-Octopus and Cathie Associates France.

Alexandre Crochelet - Operations Manager

Alexandre is a senior engineer at G-Octopus. He has an MSc. In Engineering Geology from Franche-Comté University in Besançon, France and has achieved MASTER level in the DCA/PDI Dynamic Measurement and analysis Proficiency Test after several years of performing the entire range of services offered by G-Octopus for onshore and offshore projects.

Chiara Prearo - Project Engineer

Chiara has a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering at University of Parma in Italy and an MSc. in Civil-Structural Engineering from University of Ferrara (Italy). She is currently involved in PDM activities performed off-shore and on-shore by G-Octopus and is supporting the geotechnical engineering design of different type of foundations.

Matteo Castelletti - Project Engineer

Matteo has an MSc. in Civil Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and has achieved an ADVANCED level on the DCA/PDI Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test. He has several years of experience in off-shore PDM activities and geotechnical engineering design.

Christelle Gohou - Project Engineer

Christelle is our latest recruitment as a junior engineer at G-Octopus. She has an MSc. in Engineering Geoscience from Pau university in France.

Thomas Vadepied - Instrumentation Technician

Since February 2014, Thomas Vadepied has been working for the Cathie Associates Group (both Cathie Associates and G-Octopus in France) as an Instrumentation Technician. He has taken part in geotechnical and pile driving monitoring projects in France and abroad. He has also achieved PROVISIONAL level on the DCA/PDI Dynamic Measurement and analysis Proficiency Test.

Thomas also provides sales and technical support for G-Octopus.