EquipmentE-Saximeter (E-SAX)

E-Saximeter registers all relevant pile driving parameters. It calculates the hammer operating rate in blows per minute and helps the piling inspector create a pile driving log. For single acting, open-end diesel hammers the E-Sax also displays the hammer potential energy and ram stroke. This measurement is important since excessive stroke can cause pile damage. 

The E-Sax is a handheld instrument. In its basic configuration, the pile inspector observes the driving process and pushes a button for every depth increment as driving progresses. Several accessories further enhance the functionality of this time-tested sound recognition device including:  

  • Proximity switches installed on the driving hammer and a wireless transmission system enable the E-Saximeter to compute the hammer kinetic energy.  
  • A depth measurement reel with wireless transmission capabilities eliminates the need for manual depth increment input, automating the entire creation of the driving log. 

Main Unit:

  • Size: 100mm X 190mm X 50mm
  • Weight: 0.54kg
  • Temperature range: 10 to 40°C operating -10 to 65°C storage
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable battery with 16-hour minimum duration
  • Display: LCD, 4 lines X 16 characters, viewing area 62mm X 26mm
  • Keypad: Large Key (1.27mm²), non-tactile
  • Optional Depth Measurement Unit:
  • Installation: Mounts on crane, cable attaches to hammer
  • Size: 305mm X910mm X 910mm
  • Weight: 73kg
  • Resolution: 0.6mm Max range: 49m


  • 32-bit CICS Micro CPU up to 50MHz 
  • 10-bit 2 channel analog to digital converter; 8-bit 2 channel digital to analog converter 
  • Internal microphone 70 to 115 dB 
  • Standard Type A USB drive for data transfer 
  • 8 MB internal Magnetoresitive RAM 

Functional and Other: 

  • Maximum blow detection rate: 68 bpm for open end diesel hammers; 300 bpm for all others 
  • Operates in English or SI units 
  • Full one-year warranty 
  • Technical manual included 

Optional Energy Switches (pair of proximity switches, available in 3 types):


Functionality  Normally open  Normally open  Normally closed (for special applications) 
Size (diameter x length)  18mm x 50mm  30mm x 50mm  30mm x 30mm 
Weight:  114 g  205 g  182 g 
Switching Frequency:  200 Hz  650 Hz  200 Hz 
Sensing range  10 mm  10 mm  15 mm 
Repeatability  .01 mm  .01 mm  .01 mm 

Installation: mounts on hammer 


  for Optional Energy Switches:  for Optional Depth Measurement Unit: 
Installation:  mounts on hammer  mounts on depth sensor 
Size:  90mm X 125mm X 32mm  64mm X 98mm X 34mm 
Weight:  .54kg  .46kg 
Data transmission:  via a standard radio protocol 
Frequency Range:  2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz 
Max range:  100m 
Electronic:  Low power 16 bit processor with 12 bit analog to digital converter and 12 bit digital to analog
Power:  Built-in rechargeable battery w/8 hour min
supplied by +12V to +24V crane battery 
Temperature range:  0 to 40°C operating; -10 to 65°C storage 

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