Cordemais Power Plant Water Intake Rehabilitation – Plant 4 & 5

Test piles on the Loire RiverCategory: Onshore-Nearshore-Waterway
Project: Cordemais power-plant water intake rehabilitation – plant 4 & 5
Location: France
Date: June-November 2014

Scope of Work

We performed the Pile Driving Monitoring (PDM) Services for two test piles on the Loire River.

G-Octopus performed the following data analysis:

  • Signal matching analysis at the end of drive and at specific steps of driving
    Establish a correlation between pile driving parameters and ultimate capacity for the site and hammer/pile/soil system
  • Data analysis and interpretation was performed by the global method using GRL WEAP and OPILE software, and by signal matching using CAPWAP software.

Services Included:

  • Pile Driving Monitoring and Dynamic Load testing of two test piles
  • Analysis of Pile Driving Monitoring data, pile bearing capacity assessment
  • Adjusted analysis and definition of pile acceptance criteria for non-instrumented piles

Pile Info

Open ended steel piles 
Length: 24. 2 to 38 m
Thickness 13.6 mm
Diameter 0.914 to 1.219 m   

Equipment Used 

Brand:  PDI
Type:  PDA-8G
Sensors type: Standard
Number of sensors: 4 Strain transducers, 4 PR accelerometers