Other Services

Cast in Place Pile Integrity Testing Services Using Thermal Method

  • Use of the heat generated by curing cement to assess the quality of cast in place concrete foundations 
  • Requires sensors to be installed on the reinforcement cage,
  • Provide results within 24 to 48 hours, 
  • The TIP allows to identify areas of concern such as potential over-pour bulges, necking, or cage alignment irregularities. TIP also allows to estimate the concrete cover along the entire length of the shaft (requires the total concrete volume as an additional input). The estimated effective shaft radius, reinforcement cage location and the concrete cover of the reinforcement bars can then be determined. Equipment sales and rental services available.
Diesel Hammer

Diesel Hammer Instrumentation

  • Hammer energy determination based on either ram velocity measurement at time of impact or sound recognition
  • Provide driving Logs
  • Depth encoder available for full automated driving records
  • Equipment sales, assistance for installation 

Bottom of bored piles inspection (SQUID from PDI) services

  • Cleanness and competency of the bottom assessment 
  • Measures both the thickness of soft material or debris that might be covering the bearing strata and the strength of the bearing layer, 
  • The SQUID is attached to the end of the drill string and lowered down to the bottom of the drilled hole.  
  • Provide independent displacement measurement of three penetrometers into the soil layer. The displacement measurement begins with the first encounter of the layer. It allows to measure the thickness of the debris layer at various locations, 
  • Provide bearing pressure of three independent (10 square cm) cone penetrometers. Equipment sales and rental services available.

Calibration of SPT Systems or Dynamic Probes

  • Review and check all signals individually 
  • Correct and adjust if needed 
  • Integrate Force and Velocity into transferred energy 
  • Present values in tabular and graphical form 
  • Issue the calibration report 
  • Issue the calibration certificate 

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