Static Pile Testing

Lateral and axial static testing

Static pile tests measure the way in which a pile behaves under an applied load and are thought to be the most accurate way to determine static pile capacity (axial load) or behaviour (lateral load).

Static pile test loadThe test consists of applying a load either to the top (axial load) or to the side (lateral load) of the piles and measuring deflection. Once the pile is installed into the ground, a bearing plate is used to make sure the load is distributed in a uniform manner. A load is then applied to the pile using hydraulic jacks and the results are measured using instrumentation supplied (if required) and installed by our experienced engineers. The pile settlement or lateral displacement is then recorded and interpreted in order to determine the pile capacity at time of testing in the case of axial loading and to determine the pile lateral behaviour in the case of horizontal load test.

As experts in static pile tests in any location, our team can manage the testing process from start to finish.

The benefits of static pile tests

Static pile tests are a reliable way to add value to a structure and can be carried out during the early stages of a project as part of the foundation design process to confirm or refine design parameters and assumptions, or during the construction phase to avoid pile damage.

Using static tests to confirm to Eurocode 7 criteria

Eurocode 7 allows for a significant reduction in design partial factors, if piles are controlled by testing, which for axial loads can be a combination of dynamic load tests together with a static test for each type of soil and pile.

The axial load bearing capacity as measured by a dynamic loading test is in good agreement with results of the static tests. The observed differences, generally less than 15%, are mainly due to the healing time of the soil, the choice of failure criteria and other technical elements (dynamic damping, for example). This makes the Pile Dynamic Testing a valid (recognized by main Standards), rapid and cost effective method to progress testing during field operations, both onshore and offshore.

Trust our experienced team of engineers

The G-Octopus team have experience performing axial and lateral static pile tests in onshore, nearshore and offshore locations and are available to support projects worldwide with:

  • Supplying and installing instrumentation
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • On site supervision
  • Equipment sales and rental services.


Find out more about our equipment, including items like a Static Load Tester (SLT) which automatically obtains and records reliable readings at programmable load intervals during a static load test.

Our equipment capabilities include both above-water and under-water pile driving, all of which can be deployed at short notice.

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