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As a proven expert, we offer tailored training services to a range of companies wishing to develop their understanding in Pile Driving Monitoring and Pile Load Testing.

We are an training company providing theoretical and onsite practical training.

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GRL WEAP ® is the most widely used software for predicting pile driving, by resolving the wave equation in the hammer/pile/soil system. It is cheap and easy to use. It includes the largest library of hammers available on the market.

GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis program


The signal matching analysis using CAPWAP® software is the most reliable analysis for assessing the pile capacity at time of driving. As per numerous standards, and as per industry practice, any other methods (e.g. case method, global method, dynamic formula) can only be used if correlated or adjusted to signal matching analysis results.

CAPWAP equipment in use

Pile Driving Monitoring

The primary purpose of Pile Dynamic Load Testing is to establish the bearing capacity of a pile.

In addition, electronic monitoring of strain and acceleration waves at the top of a pile or a sheet pile during impact or vibro-driving, allows for:

  • A control of the hammer efficiency,
  • A control of the soil behaviour during driving,
  • A control of the induced stress and particularly the risk of pipe buckling at toe.
Pile driving monitoring in progress


The SPT Analyzer (or SPT-A) measures the energy transmitted to the rod of a dynamic penetrometer or SPT, in order to :

  • Demonstrate the proper functioning and calibrate the threshing system (for dynamic penetrometers)
  • Standardize the Nspt according to the measured energy (for SPT systems)
SPT Analyzer

We are the PDI representative in France, Spain and North Africa, and can provide training services for our range of equipment.