Dunkerque LNG Terminal

load test equipment at LNG terminal
Onshore – Nearshore – Waterway
Client: EMCC / Dunkerque
Project: Dunkerque LNG Terminal
Location: France
Date: July 2014

Scope of Work

G-Octopus performed the instrumentation and monitoring of the lateral load test on the mooring dolphins at the DUNKERQUE LNG TERMINAL PAGE PROJECT LNG PLANT.

Installation of sensors and zero readings were carried out by G-Octopus on site prior to the test. The piles were loaded to 3 MN after 8 load steps.

During the test the magnitude and inclination of the lateral load were measured by means of a load cell and a tiltmeter. Pile head rotations were measured on both test pile and reaction pile by means of tiltmeters placed on piles top.

Following documents were issued for the project:

  • Test procedure and Operational Method Statement
  • Factual Report
  • Interpretation Report

Services Included:


load test equipmentPile Info

Length: 47.0 m
Thickness: 2.80m
Diameter: 30 to 65 mm

Equipment Used

Brand: Sisgeo
Type: Inclinometer + Load cell