Butendiek Windfarm

Category: Renewable
Client: Geosea / OWP Butendiek GmbH & Co. KG
Vessel: RAMBIZ Heavy Lift Vessel (SCALDIS)
Location: Germany
Date: April 2014

G-Octopus performed the Pile Driving Monitoring of three of the four foundation piles of EOS transformer platform jacket for the Butendiek project.

The installation was carried out from the RAMBIZ Heavy Lift Vessel (SCALDIS) in April 2014.

Pile preparation and sensors installation was performed in the fabrication yard in Belgium.

Data analysis and interpretation was performed at end of driving and at time of re-driving by the global method using GRL WEAP and OPILE software, and by signal matching using CAPWAP software.


  • Under-water Pile Driving Monitoring and Dynamic Load testing of EOS transformer platform foundation piles
  • Analysis of Pile Driving Monitoring data, pile bearing capacity assessment
Pile info
Open ended steel piles
Length 61.2 m
Thickness 55 to 65 mm
Diameter 2.438 m
Equipment Used
Brand: PDI
Sensors Type: Underwater
Number of sensors 2 Strain transducer, 2 PE accelerometer